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About Us

Company Profile

METS Oil & Gas Pte Ltd deals primarily in marine and offshore support services, energy and vessel trading, chartering, charter brokering and S&P of vessels and mobile offshore units.
With our expertise in the marine and offshore oil and gas industry, getting the right deals for the right principal is our expertise.

METS focuses itself in operating, chartering, sales and purchases of marine and offshore support vessels and rigs and providing services to aid in the performance of offshore drilling and production operations.

As a total service provider, METS had ventured into sale and purchase as well as chartering of tankers or bulk carriers for the carriage of the commodities.

  • Vision & Mission
  • Business Objectives
  • QHSE

Vision & Mission

METS aims to be a long-term, major provider of marine and offshore support services, energy trading and transportation services, safe and efficient operations of marine and offshore supply vessels in the world.

Business Objectives

METS will expand its business aggressively and offer above-average returns to shareholders. METS will also strive to become the leading company in the offshore support services and energy trading and transportation market segments in the marine and offshore industry.


Quality Policy

In support of our mission, we are committed to provide services that exceed the quality demand of our customers by continuously improving our service and quality management systems and provide our services in the safest, most reliable, efficient, and effective manner always with the interests of our customers and the environment in mind.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We at METS are committed to promote safety to ourselves, co-workers, assets, work environment, planet, and future generations in all our dealings within the organization and most importantly extended to dealings with METS clients and METS partners. Our Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System is designed to promote safety through complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Prevention of illness, injury, and pollution is our guiding principle in rendering excellent quality service to our internal and external clients. Awareness and commitment to this policy is enhanced through its visibility within the organization’s facilities and is communicated openly and at every opportunity to the employees, clients, and suppliers. METS culture to Promote Safety is envisioned to prevent harm to anyone and anything.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

METS promotes a drug-free and sober work environment and believes in its benefits to the organization and its clients. The company gives importance to reduced costs because of increased productivity and absence of drug and alcohol related problems. This policy enhances the company’s commitment to provide excellent quality service to METS clients. In line with METS’ advocacy to Promote Safety, the company reserves the right to conduct drug and alcohol tests and discreet personal belongings inspection by authorized personnel to its employees and deployed crews at any time. Possession or use of illegal drugs, excessive consumption of alcohol within the company’s premises and during work, and refusal on the Drug and Alcohol Test and Inspection are grounds for immediate termination.

Smoking Policy

METS promotes safety through encouragement of minimal to non-smoking practices within the company’s premises. Furthermore METS promotes awareness on the detrimental and permanent effects of first and second hand smoke to one’s physical and mental health. Areas which are identified by the company to be at its best and safe condition when there is an absence of smoking are designated as No Smoking Facilities. No Smoking Policy is strictly observed at these areas Only designated smoking areas which are clearly labelled as such may be used for responsible smoking. Responsible smoking ensures cleanliness of the designated smoking area and disposal of unlit cigarette in the proper garbage bins provided to prevent fire and smoke-related accidents.

Antitrust, Sales Practices and Fair Dealing Policy

  1. We deal fairly with our customers, suppliers, competitors, and employees. They trust us because we deliver on our promises.
  2. We are committed to fair and competitive sales practices. We do not engage in practices that unfairly limit trade or exclude competitors from the marketplace.
  3. Antitrust laws prohibit agreements that eliminate or discourage competition. We follow these laws carefully.
  4. Healthy business competition is the basis for our system of free markets. We think our products and services speak for themselves. That’s why we compete vigorously, ethically, and legally.
  5. We will not communicate formally or informally with competitors to fix or control prices, allocate market share, boycott customers or suppliers, or limit the sale of our products.
  6. We will not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, misrepresentation, or any other type of unfair dealing.
  7. Properly gathered business information is valuable. We gather information about our competitors only from public sources that are freely available to others.


  1. Avoid even casual conversations with our competitors regarding prices, products, markets, or services.
  2. Aggressive competition is not an excuse for intentionally making false or misleading statements about our competitors.
  3. Never require a customer to take an unwanted product in order to obtain a product that the customer does want to buy.
  4. Never commit an illegal or unethical act in order to obtain competitive information.
  5. Do not set prices below cost to drive a competitor out of the marketplace.
  6. Be sure to comply with Antitrust Laws that prevail in the places we operate.
  7. Above all else, use your common sense.